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Vote YES on R to repair and upgrade aging classrooms and infrastructure at Cabrillo College, so that local students continue receiving the quality education and job training programs they deserve.

Measure R will:

  • Upgrade training classrooms to prepare students for 21st-century careers

  • Prepare more students to transfer to
    four-year colleges and universities

  • Improve educational resources for returning veterans

  • Update classroom technology and science, engineering and math labs

  • Expand access to college classrooms for people with disabilities

  • Upgrade aging classrooms and replace outdated wiring and sewer lines

  • Establish a public safety training center in Watsonville to train local firefighters and police to serve our community

Cabrillo College is an important veterans service institution and Measure R will serve returning veterans by helping provide job training and job placement.

Measure R will provide a dedicated local source of funding to make the essential facility improvements Cabrillo needs to provide a high-quality education, while also making Cabrillo more accessible to everyone.

Paid for by Friends of Cabrillo College 2020 – YES on R. FPPC# 1422697.